Quality charter

Quality charter

Guarantee product quality 


  • Master production from A to Z
  • Use selected products from approved suppliers
  • Rigorously control product traceability
  • Deliver products cold from the company kitchens to the reception, maintained at a temperature of 0 to 4°C in approved food packaging


Guarantee service quality


  • Employ paid, qualified and competent serving staff
  • Offer turnkey food serving
  • Guarantee punctuality in terms of both logistics and the event schedule


Guarantee hygiene control


  • Submit product processes to a hygiene audit based on microbiological samples analyzed by an independent laboratory
  • Comply with the Swiss legal framework established by the federal Ordinance on Foodstuffs (ODA, ordonnance sur les denrées alimentaires) and by the Ordinance on Hygiene (OHyg, ordonnance sur l’hygiène)
  • Have more frequent controls conducted by an independent laboratory In case of dysfunction


Guarantee commercial commitments


  • Present clear, detailed and complete estimates
  • Respect contractual commitments
  • Play an advisory role
  • Provide clients with an evaluation sheet to provide feedback on the event


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