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    A refined blend of flavors

    Great classics revisited with a bold touch; refined presentations; the subtle art of playing with textures; flavors and colors for inventive tailor-made recipes…

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    Irresistible and delectable temptations

    The finest traditional culinary treats are reinvented in fanciful and imaginative ways through astonishing creations brimming with grace and elegance, in which delicate flavors match feather-light shapes.

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    Warm of hot dishes, gourmet pleasures

    Traditional recipes, travel  and exploration, home-made creations… The Traiteurs Réunis chefs create a range of culinary treats with a mastery worthy of the finest gourmet restaurants. 

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    Rigorously tested preparations

    From raw produce to the mode of transformation applied to ingredients, Traiteur Réunis reinvents its dishes for kosher buffets, meals and cocktails, while demonstrating full respect both for traditions and for gourmet pleasures.

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    Certified gastronomy

    Great oriental classics or on-trend contemporary creations, Traiteurs Réunis guarantees strictly tested menus for private parties and corporate events. 

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  • Savory bites
  • Sweet nibbles
  • Dishes served on plates
  • Kosher Service
  • Halal Service

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Monday to Friday: 9 am - 6 pm