Company Receptions

  • The pleasure of discovery, whether for an aperitif or a cocktail dinner

    Whatever the theme and the number of participants, Traiteurs Réunions reveals its expertise and its inspired creativity through refined compositions combining vivid colors and freshness to delight the eye and the palate. 

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  • Invitation to enchantment

    The magic of the location sets the tone: an evening in a romantic lakeside park; a candle-lit dinner in a stately country home; a star-lit party next to a dream pool; an elegant picnic in the gardens of a château. Based on a given scenario, Traiteurs Réunis tells a story that is personalized from event concept to menu, and from service to decoration. An enchanted interlude for your guests, and a time of shared emotions conducive to conversation.

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  • Festive surprises

    Setting the crowning touch to a year drawing to its close for staff, clients and partners, the company party is always eagerly anticipated. As with all well-established rituals, the first challenge lies in surprising and delighting your guests with original themes; a well-chosen festive location outside the usual corporate environment; delicious and inventive culinary proposals; along with appealing entertainment concepts. Traiteurs Réunis rises to the challenge, while preserving the legendary conviviality of the festive season. 

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  • Gala dinner

    These extraordinary events epitomize the peak of chic, whether in terms of gourmet sensations or the sheer emotion of experiencing rare moments. Keenly aware of what is at stake in such receptions, Traiteurs Réunis ensures absolutely impeccable organization, carefully selected dishes and peerless service, so as to ensure that your guests will treasure magnificent memories of the occasion.  

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    Business meal

    Discreetly served in a salon within the company premises, the menu is entirely tailored to guests’ tastes and desires. Traiteurs Réunis takes account of the time allotted and provides service in tune with the confidentiality requirements implied by this kind of meeting. 

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  • Added value for a professional event

    A seminar, a convention or an exhibition… On-site catering contributes to the success of a professional event and helps save time. The pop-up restaurant concept enables Traiteurs Réunis to release you from any practical concerns. The atmosphere, the number of places to be set, the menu, the price range… Everything is determined ahead of time in accordance with pre-established objectives. 

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  • Cocktails
  • Garden Party
  • End Of Year Party
  • Sit-down dinner
  • Pop-up restaurant

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Monday to Friday: 9 am - 6 pm