Private Receptions

  • Say yes to the magic!

    No matter the number of years being celebrated, all that counts is the joy of being together and of sharing a delicious moment. The experience of the Traiteurs Réunis event caterer gives full scope for the imagination in dreaming up a wonderful tailor-made birthday party. From original style to a gourmet menu, elegant decor, wonderful surprises and original entertainment, right the way through to the cake with its candles: everything is designed to make your guests’ eyes sparkle with delight. 

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  • Fulfilling every wish…

    No matter what your requirements, be it a choice of the finest unique corporate venues, bespoke corporate catering services or inspired corporate entertainment, our expert team of corporate event planners at NTR can design you the ideal event for your needs, ensuring all your guests enjoy an occasion to remember.

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  • In-home perfection

    Savor the delight of hosting guests without worrying about preparing the meal, setting the table and clearing up the kitchen… The sheer pleasure of enjoying guests’ company while losing nothing of the conversation, be it of a private nature among friends or business-oriented with your clients. Traiteurs Réunis puts together a menu tailored to your tastes and your budget. A chef and his team of maître d’h take over in your home and handle everything, from table decoration to serving on plates, from preparing dishes to cooking meat or fish. When they leave, everything is impeccable tidy and clean, and your evening has been a complete success.  

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